Audio-Visual Services

Drury Lane’s in-house audio-visual partner, Midwest Conference Services (MCS) is at your service to perfect your meeting or tradeshow by providing you the latest technology and equipment. MCS services thousands of notable events across the nation and is ready to assist you. Their extensive Audio Visual Equipment Rental inventory is constantly updated to include everything necessary to run your event efficiently and effectively, including:

• Data and Video Projection
• LCD/DLP/Laser Projectors
• Custom Lens Options
• Digital or DVD Recording, Camera Systems, IMAG, and ISO Recording
• Whiteboards, Poster Boards, and Flip Charts
• Staging
• LCD, LED, and Plasma Displays
• Sound Systems and Sound Reinforcement
• Wireless Microphones (Lavalier, Handheld, and headset)
• Top Quality Brand Speakers and Audio Mixers (Analog and Digital)
• Digital or CD Audio Recording
• Shure Mixers and Microphones
• Portable Projection Screens
• Front and Rear Projection Screens
• 8′ – 22′ High Velour Pipe and Drape
• Lighting and Special Effects
• Seamless Presentation Matrix Video Switching Systems
Technology arrangements may be made through your Drury Lane Events Representative.